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Within Temptation- the number one Gothic Band
Within Temptation was founded in 1996 by Robert Westerhold. It was his girlfriend, Sharon den Adel whose magic voice made the band so unique. Since the foundation the band has released 2 cds and one mini cd. Their first cd was called enter and had the gothic-typical grunting element very dominant. After enter they released a mini-cd called the dance. Their newest and most succesful work is mother earth. For the first time, Sharon den Adel could show her true face. She had the freedom to use her voice to the maximum. As said in many articels, the cd blows out one good song after another. The commercial succes whatshowever came with the release 'Ice queen', also from the Mother Earth-cd. In the Netherlands it is a big succes and visits the top of every chart.
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